Tall Grass Guitar Class
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Dan Mahar

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois, learning to write and play by doing it, on the job training if you will. I did this in the honky tonks, bars, dance halls and ball rooms of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and God knows where else. In 1991, I signed on to play lead electric and acoustic for Capitol recording artist Billy Dean (5 #1 and 11 top ten hits) and for the next 4 years toured and performed on the Grand Ole Opry, The Jay Leno show, Austin City Limits and a lot of state and county fair main stages.

I now live in Sioux Falls, SD with my wife and my Furry 3 (my pets), where I am fortunate enough to be able to perform and teach for my daily bread. In 2006, I released, independently, my first record “Long Stone’s Throw”, which is a collection of blues songs I had in my song bag for a while.

Life is good as long as you do what you love. Learn more….


Dave Ermer

I have always been interested in music. I bought an inexpensive guitar while in college, took a few lessons, and set the guitar aside. My career and family took over and the guitar collected dust in the basement. Eight years ago, I began taking lessons with Dan and it reignited my interest in the guitar. I have been passionately playing ever since. Progress has been slow, and each new skill I acquire is a victory. This guitar journey has given me an even greater respect for the skill, commitment, and passion that is required of professional guitar players.

…So, we had a few beers and talked about having a weekend of teaching from expert guitarists. It was just talk until Dan used his Nashville connections to bring three incredibly talented and highly respected guitarists for a weekend of guitar lessons and immersion in all things guitar. I wanted to be part of this class, as it is a unique experience for the area. The Thursday guitar meeting with Dan and Scott have become a high point of my week, and I look forward to a whole weekend of guitar.



I am a long-time resident of Sioux Falls, SD. Having an interest in guitar for over 40 years, I am currently exploring Pre-WWII Country and Piedmont Fingerpicking Blues. I’ve been a student of Mr. Mahar’s for 10 years, and along with Dave Ermer, we all noticed a decided lack of high-end weekend guitar instruction seminars in the region. Mr. Mahar stated, if an event could be organized, he could deliver three world-class guitar players/instructors. Although I expressed skepticism, a 3-year conversation between the three of us, and subsequent search for a location ensued. Mr. Mahar delivered the Artists, a unique location was found, and the first Tall Grass Guitar Class was born.